Personalized Surgical healthcare solutions using Pre-operative Planning ,
3D & AI Technologies.

On-Prem & Long Distance End to End Solutions

Personalized Solutions for enhanced patient post-surgery care Individualized surgical solutions for optimized treatment and faster recovery.

At Synergy 3DMed, we understand that each patient is unique, with their own specific anatomy and healthcare needs. What works for one patient may not necessarily work for others. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating patient customized devices to fit each patient’s anatomy, known as Patient Specific Instruments (PSI).

We believe that personalizing surgical care leads to improving patients’ quality of life

On-Prem End To End Solution

SaaS-Based quality management system (QMS)
for hospitals to manage 3D print labs, Scale production
and company regulatory status

Physicians can rely on our tech-enabled professional services to deliver personalized health care and increase patient satisfaction

Advance your Medical 3D Tech capabilities today!

Patient-Specific solutions are the new norm. What is your plan to harness Medical 3D Technology?

New Standard of Care in Personalized Healthcare


About Us

Synergy3DMed is a digital healthcare company offering personal surgical solutions. To improve patient outcomes, we enable pre-operative planning, AI, and 3D technologies to produce anatomy modeling, patient-specific instruments (PSI), and costumed implants in long-distance or on-premise services.

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Case Management System

16 Disciplines

Completed across 16 different surgical disciplines

25 Hospitals

supporting institutions

and medical devices companies 


Satisfied physicians and patients

More Then 2000 Procedures

Using anatomical modeling, surgical guide and customized implants


Planning joint replacement and limb deformities correction, to help surgeons get optimized procedure accuracy. Reduce surgery time, and improve patient recovery.
Pre-op planning of the surgeries, we save as much as possible healthy joints, resect as little as possible healthy bone and reconstruct the bone using customized implant.


Pre-op planning surgeries such as Fibula-Mandible, Feminization, and Orthognathic surgeries. Multi-disciplinary procedures, applying multi solutions enables much better results recovery.
Pre-op planning of surgical cases such as scoliosis, cranioplasty, and oncology


Providing surgeons with creative solutions to get exact reactions practicing pre-op planning of the surgical procedures and designing and producing 3D anatomical models.

Case Studies

We work with leading professionals in the field
of medical research and development.

Our Veterinary Solutions

Discover the next level of veterinary care with our tailored anatomic solutions, meticulously crafted for optimal patient outcomes. Our team is dedicated to providing precision implants that meet the unique needs of each animal, ensuring enhanced comfort and wellbeing.

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