Orthognathic Surgery

Dr. Oren Peleg

Design by: Merav Asherian

Department: ENT Department

Patient: male, age: 18Y

Dr. Oren Peleg

ServicesSegmentationsurgery planninganatomy modelPSI.

An 18-year-old patient came to the clinic with a case of Maxilla’s right condyle enlargement, which caused her an asymmetric appearance in the jaw bones, both in the upper and lower jaw.

Together with Dr. Oren Peleg, we planned a surgery, first making a segmentation then locationg cutting planes in the Maxilla & Mandible. We then located the desired locations to have a virtual result. After that, we designed customized Jig for the patient, which are placed on both the teeth and the bone during the operation, showing the surgeon where to cut in a way that corresponds to the operation plan. Costumized splints weher also planned to guide the doctor locating the jaws in their new position so that a symmetrical result is obtained.

Both the patient and the doctor were very satisfied with the result.