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Synergy3DMed is making 3D printing the new standard for surgical excellence. Our expert team works with top specialists and medical centers worldwide to design, engineer, and print customized 3D models and surgical instruments. Produced using fully-certified biocompatible materials, all instruments are sterilised prior to use.

Latest Updates.

Medico Conference 2018 Medico Conference 2018
Israeli Surgeons Use 3D Printed Surgical Guide to Correct Madelung’s Deformity Israeli Surgeons Use 3D Printed Surgical Guide to Correct Madelung’s Deformity
Mandibular Reconstruction Using 3D-Printed Customized Tools Mandibular Reconstruction Using 3D-Printed Customized Tools
EMSOS 2018 – European Musculo-Skeletal Oncology Society EMSOS 2018 – European Musculo-Skeletal Oncology Society

Focused on Medical Innovation.

3D Simulation

DICOM files are converted by specialized programs to 3D files called STL. STL files can be edited; color, cut, separate, join, smooth and be formatted to 3D production files.

Anatomical modeling

With 3D printing you can go from the virtual world to physical anatomical models. A physical anatomical model will help both doctor and patient to a better understanding.

PSI patient specific instrument

Synergy3DMed specializes in developing and manufacturing Patient Specific Instrument (PSI), which are derived from patient imaging data and used by the surgeon to achieve more accurate and effective results.

Case studies which have been performed with PSKit®.

This is How it's Done.


CT\MRI are converted into 3D models


Surgery Planning on 3D Models


PSKit® designed according to Surgery planning


Surgical Simulation with 3D printed models and PSKit®


PSKit® is used in the O.R to achieve accurate performance

Reduced Surgery Time & Cost

Accurate Procedure Execution

Greater Surgical Precision

Shorter Hospital Stay

Education & Hands-on Practice

Fewer Complications

3D Pre-planning of Surgical Operation

Accurate Reconstruction

Minimised Tissue Damage & Joint Loss

Improved Clinical Outcome

Reduced Blood Loss

Improved Patient-Doctor Interaction

We Are Serious About Medical Innovation.

Synergy3DMed is a unique design and production center that offers the medical industry a full range of solutions in the field of additive manufacturing (AM). Our highly experienced team of industrial designers, biologists and engineers has access to the latest technology and will quickly turn your concepts into reality. Synergy3DMed has a longtime strategic partnership with Stratasys Ltd., a worldwide leader in 3D printing.


We work with leading professionals in the field of medical research and development.

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