Double Deformity

Dr. Roy Gigi

Design by: Ronnie Gabay

Department: orthopedic (Pediatric)
Patient: female, age: 11Y
Dr. Roy Gigi
: Segmentation, surgery planning, anatomy model, PSI

Limb deformities is an interesting orthopedic field in which we can contribute quite a lot to the surgeon. Patients with a pathology called ‘Valgus’ or ‘Varus’, have a deformity in their lower limbs, which changes the classic anatomy.

This kind of surgeries required the use of the ‘Ilizarov’ tool. It’s an external medical device which is connected to the bone and using mechanical tension, changing the bone structure and form. However, this kind of procedure is prolonged and not easy for the patient.


We can prevent the use of the ‘Ilizarov’ by planning it ‘the Synergy way’. Running together with Dr. Gigi, we planned the surgery virtually. We removed the part in the bone, causing the deformity, and attached face to face, so we got a straight anatomical axis. Then, we printed the bone and a smart jig, showing Dr. Gigi where to cut and how to reconstruct the new-straight bone.
Our process cuts surgery time significantly and the patient recovery is relatively fast and easy.