3D printed Talus implant

Dr. Asaf Albegli.

Design by: Nitsan Krispin

Department: Orthopedic Department

Patient: male, age: 23Y

Dr. Asaf Albegli

ServicesSegmentationsurgery planninganatomy modelPSI.

Printing a three-dimensional ankle and implanting it in the patient

A young patient and professional skateboarder, came to the hospital with significant and irreversible ankle trauma following an accident she experienced.

Dr. Asaf Albegli, a specialist in foot and ankle surgery, turned to the Levin Center & Synergy 3DMed for Surgical Innovation under the direction of Dr. Shlomo Dadia for the purpose of printing the bone in 3D.

Through precise 3D planning and advanced technological tools – the bone was printed, and implanted it in the patient through innovative surgery.

First, a mold was printed, the implant a cement spacer as her Talus, then the titanium implant was being planned and prepared.
“Since she is a professional athlete, we wanted to restore to her as much as possible the ability to walk naturally and eventually return to training. We are glad that we were given the opportunity to treat our patients using advanced tools at an international standard, and we wish her a lot of health and success,” said Dr. Asaf Albegli.