7 How Does It Work? From 20 to 30... On-Site Support 1 CT/MRI scans are converted into a 30 model 2 Using advanced software, the surgeon is able to plan the surgery based on this 30 model 3 Synergy30Med team designs a Patient Specific Instrument (PSI) 4 The custom PSI is printed, together with an anatomical model of the affected area PSKit is used in the operating room to achieve accurate performance Working Hand-in- Hand with Hospitals Synergy3DMed currently operates an on-site institute at Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov Hospital), the primary hospital serving the busy Tel Aviv metropolitan area. The team there has handled more than 100 successful cases to date. Providing imaging and 3D design services for cases from all medical disciplines, the expert Synergy3DMed team remains in direct contact with surgeons to ensure their needs are fully met. This includes printing anatomical models and Patient Specific Instruments (PSI), as well as undertaking research into the use of3D technology in various surgical fields.