Synergy3DMed is shaping an exciting new frontier for the medical world We live in an era of unprecedented innovation, as new technologies continually help to make our daily routines simpler and more convenient. However, these technological advances are not only matters of convenience. They also give us the tools to transform our lives and our medical care. Surgeons and medical professionals have long been aware that the "one size fits all" approach leads to poor clinical outcomes and should be consigned to history books. Synergy3DMed provides the technology and expertise that puts professional patient- specific instruments, models, and implants in doctors skilled hands. With the Synergy PSKit (Personalized Surgical Kit), pre-surgical planning has never been so precise, risk reducing and with overall improved results. As an industrial engineer and product designer, the immense potential of 3D printing technologies has always excited and inspired me. Synergy3DMed is the natural extension of Synergy RM's pioneering product development work in the plastic injection field, which has spanned many diverse industries. Employing next-generation 3D color printing technologies, prototype facilities, proprietary software, and the peerless expertise of designers, engineers, programmers and consultants, Synergy3DMed is ideally positioned to make 30 printing the new standard for surgical excellence. At Synergy3DMed, our goal is to introduce this unique technology to surgeons, hospitals and patients worldwide, making procedures more efficient, easier and faster in addition to making the patient's rehabilitation process faster and easier. We invite you to join us as we continue to push the boundaries of 3D printing and redefine the future. Sincerely, Michael Librus